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Youth Day Camp

Created by an award-winning professional with 20 years experience in all aspects of the entertainment industry, our innovative “experiential learning” camps are what make us special. Participants are mentored by artisans in touch with cutting-edge practices in their fields. Your kids get HANDS ON experience in creating their own works of art—guided by experienced working professionals and scholars from the leading innovators in academia--who share their craft with your child. 


What they’ll get out of their work with us (and each other) is confidence, listening skills, team building, pride of accomplishment, collaboration, artistic achievement as well as mentors and friends they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.

We CHALLENGE the campers in a structured, nurturing environment, to take creative risks. “The learning comes through the doing” as campers are absorbed and enveloped in the tasks assigned to have each team project completed. 


We INSPIRE them to be spontaneous, creative, free and confident through the use of tried and true, “kid tested” classes aimed at encouraging “play”, supporting learning and fostering growth in a caring and fun environment.

Let us help your child find theit “inner star”. By working alongside working professionals and top students from some of the leading academic innovators, we give them the opportunity to see what it’s like to be an entertainment professional. 

Our youth camp is aimed at young people who want the opportunity to work with entertainment industry professionals in a fun, supportive and structured environment.  Our goal is to make the creative arts exciting, interactive and full of adventure.  To that end, our classes are geared towards maximum participation by each student in each class, with very little “lecturing” and a whole lot of active learning. The emphasis is on “doing” rather than “watching”. The culmination of the camp is the KIDVID Fest and presentation at the end of camp.

It’s an exciting, adventurous way to explore the worlds of film and theatre, in a “no pressure” atmosphere led by expert artisans. ​

WEEK 1: Videography & On-Camera Acting

Working as a production crew, kids will learn every facet of filmmaking from pre-production to production through to editing. Under the guidance of an experienced filmmaker and other mentors, kids will script, shoot, direct, produce, perform and edit short video creations to be shown at KIDVID FEST on Sat. Aug. 6th.

WEEK 2: Musical Theatre - Acting, Composing, Writing, Song Interpretation, Dance & Directing

Kids will get the once-in-a-lifetime chance to work with an award-winning composer of theatrical and television musicals on their newest piece. Guided by mentors from dance, acting and singing, they will then perform pieces from this world premiere musical in the KID CABARET on Sat. Aug 6th.


**All classes progress towards a Special KIDVID Camp Performance on Saturday August 8th, 2015, which will be done as a “double-feature”: First see the kids do their own thing, then stick around to watch the professional actors in the FINAL show of our 2015 Summer Festival, two shows in one night followed by graduation celebration and POTLUCK PARTY!!


"I enjoyed every part...I reached and found my inner self. It's made me really want to be an actress when I grow up."
(Devon, Campton NH)

"Stage Combat was fun and exciting. It was cool to see the adult actors have sword fights on stage and the next day we're doing it!" (Wes, Medfield, MA)

I want to be an actor when I grow up and loved my roles in the shows and learning my lines!"  (Sarah, Campton, NH)

"I loved sword fighting and acting classes. This was so much fun!"
(Michael, Waterville Valley, NH)
"The best part was learning more about Shakespeare. It's a really cool thing to do and not boring at all!" (Noah, Cambridge, MA)

"Camp ruled! I'm going to miss you guys. I loved rehearsing the Kid Camp show with the kids and Main Stage with all of the professional actors. I get to see what my life is going to be like when I'm a professional actress!" (Riley, Thornton, NH)

"I liked it all! They told us that there were no wrong answers and we were free to use our imaginations and do whatever we want. " (Taylor, New Paltz, NY)

"When I am a pro ski racer/actor/newscaster I'll get to use everything I learned here. I loved stage combat, stage fencing, acting, the shows..but my favorite part was having to show fear on stage--because that's not me--but I acted it and got a lot of satisfaction out of doing something new!" (Luke, Campton, NH)


When: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri  July 25th - 5th
(KIDVID Double Feature on Sat. Aug. 6th, classes end Fri 8/5) 

Time: 8am-12pm     

Cost: $375 for 2 weeks*

Deadline: July 1st, 2016--

Maximum participants:  30 

Age Range: 5-18

Parental Responsibilities: Transportation, providing a simple costume for the Kid camp show, volunteering (on an “as needed basis”) "behind the scenes" at least 2 nights for each show in which their child participates (and not on the Kid Camp performance night as we want you to enjoy your children's show) and the planning of and providing food for the Potluck Party that follows the KIDVID presentation and graduation ceremony on August 6th. (NOTE: If your child is only in the Kid camp show, you must volunteer 2 nights through-out the season).

Since camp is progressive and the kids work as teams, campers must participate in both weeks and the final presentation night. However, under extraordinary circumstances and on a “per case basis” we may allow campers to only participate in either Week One or Two.

*This will not result in a reduction of the $375 non-refundable camp fee.*

For those unable to meet the full cost, there are a limited number of partial scholarships, based on need. Please refer to the following guidelines, requirements and terms.

1. All scholarships are partial, at least 100 dollars must be paid towards tuition

2. Parents of scholarship recipients must agree to volunteer (for example: concessions, backstage kid corps babysitting, ushering, taking tickets) a minimum of 5 nights through-out the season.

3. Families of scholarship participants must agree to sell a minimum of 4 adult tickets to the Kid Camp Show Double Feature.

Office: 603-726-0098
“24-7” Cell: 603-238-7113

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