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WHO WE ARE: An award-winning, non-union, outdoor, inclusive, professional classical summer repertory company, our aim is to put the “shake” back in Shakespeare and other classics! In the time-honored tradition of actor-led companies that was the norm in Shakespeare’s age, our staff gathers around them multi-talented performers to form a “lean, mean Shakespeare machine” that not only encourages audience participation but provokes it! And, as New Hampshire’s ONLY low/no cost professional theatre troupe, we are a little theatre with a big heart. A unique blend of social consciousness paired with daring, muscular, passionate productions, our theatre has been awarded a Special Commendation from the Governor, won Best Production, Best Director and Best Actress from the Greater Boston Critic’s Awards and has been featured in the NY Times, Boston Globe, TIME OUT NY and countless other magazines and media outlets for its’ unique approach.

WHAT WE DO: Our home theatre space is in the gorgeous 4-star Waterville Valley (New Hampshire) Resort, where our evening Main Stage shows are performed each week in alternating repertory on simple indoor and outdoor stages with little to distract from the power and force of Shakespeare (and other playwright’s) words. To date, over 500,000 people have thrilled to our shows! 

PROVING GROUND FOR EMERGING TALENT: Many of the actors who have trained and performed with us have gone on to even greater things—Tony nominated and winning Broadway shows, Broadway tours, Obie-nominated off Broadway shows, tv and feature films, national voice over work, national tv commercials, Disney Cruise Lines, as well as being hired by the American Shakespeare Center, Shakespeare & Co., Utah, Oregon, Boston, Maine Stage, Maryland, North Carolina, Hudson Valley, New Jersey, Texas, Alabama, San Francisco, Chicago, Adirondack and Richmond Shakespeare Festivals, Medieval Times as well as national tours and work with acclaimed regional theaters all across the U.S. Our alums also have gained admission into prestigious intern & MFA programs such as the Public Theatre, Yale University, Shakespeare Theatre of D.C., Brooklyn College, U of T/Austin, Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati, Florida’s Studio Theatre and abroad at Oxford, Cambridge, The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, British Academy of Dramatic Arts and Ireland’s Gaiety School of Acting (among others). Some have become leaders in the theater world, having formed their own companies, sitting at the helm of others and winning Kennedy Center Honors for pioneering new fields (like intimacy coordination).


Dates: July 26th - August 26th, 2024 (NH Rehearsals, performances, youth camp and strike)

Our shows feature a small cast (no more than 8) of experienced, versatile professional actors who can play multiple characters-- “the hero and the zero”--in the same show,  with additional teaching, simple backstage and a small amount of staff responsibilities. We need entertainers who feel at home in front of any audience, anywhere, anytime under a variety of weather conditions. You’ll play multiples roles in evening Main Stage shows, do a Family Show matinee, be a part of Strolling Player improv troupe and be a part of Creative Adventurer’s Club—all in the same week!


1. Daring, “Creative Adventurers”: We have become one of the nation’s foremost practitioners of Renaissance theatre: This means simple (or next to no) sets. A low, platform stage. No run crew. Little or no set pieces or props. No curtain or wings. Minimal lights. No sound enhancement. Nothing elaborate to hide behind or distract from the power of the words: We perform and rehearse on an unsheltered “open air” outdoor stage. There is an indoor theatre as a backup space in case of truly inclement weather, but we "go" as much as possible outdoors. We are looking for actors with strong vocal instruments and solid training.

2. Physical Fitness: We utilize the entire outdoor Amphitheatre. That means actors have exits at one end and a very quick entrance at a completely opposite end—even from the woods! There can be some moving and carrying of large items. Off-stage duties may include cleaning and setting up the theatre pre and post-performance, light wardrobe and prop duties. Everyone participates in strike.

3. Comfortability in throwing away the "4th wall": Just as in the Bard’s day, we perform in an interactive style—addressing the audience directly. Also, our audiences address us—they are encouraged to shout "huzzah" when they are happy, "boo" when they are not (all in good fun) and answer a question if asked. Our Sugar-Coated Shakespeare Family Matinees are interactive in that we get audience members on stage acting with us.

4. Verbal agility and great diction: The biggest direction you’ll get is "PUTP, PUTP"! It means "Pick Up The Pace". We perform as Shakespeare intended, using his text as "clues" and his punctuation as a key to where (and how) to breathe. Our 2007 "Romeo and Juliet" truly was "two hours traffic on the stage" (actually it was more like 1 and 1/2 hours!) Vocal and verbal dexterity is necessary for working with us.

5. We LOVE actors who can play/write/sing music (unplugged /unaccompanied), tumblers, dancers, gymnasts, teachers, comedians, improv experts, clowns, etc. We will use every part of your skills, talent and training. Have an unusual stage-worthy skill? Bring it on! We will (probably) find a place for it somewhere!!

6. Drivers: We need at least 1 or 2 actors who have cars, valid licenses and insurance.

7. Training that meshes with us: This company was forged out of the founder’s experiences at both London’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and Shakespeare and Company in Lenox, MA. We start our time together in what we affectionately call "Bard Bootcamp". It features exercises honed from decades of our own training and performing in the US and abroad and is designed to quickly orient everyone as to how we at TUTS/SITV approach character, text and scansion. There’ll also be an orientation, presentations from directors as per their "vision" for the shows and one-on-one meetings with the directors as per character work (these are also a part of prep in the weeks before arrival in NH). Since our rehearsal time is so limited, the majority of rehearsals in NH are blocking rehearsals. Actors are expected to take the blocking and do character work around it, on their own…so we look for actors who have had training that allows them to do so. The Bootcamp gives us all a chance to "play". In our Company, "the text is all" and we want everyone pulling in the same direction and speaking the same language from the get-go. The period leading up to your arrival in NH are where the “table work” occurs—through emails and phone calls with the directors. You will get your scripts with at least 4 weeks to learn your lines and have them memorized before arrival in NH.

8. Respect, Maturity and Integrity: We follow the Artist-Manager model. Therefore, the Artistic Director, director and other Company personnel are often a part of the acting ensemble. Your "managers" may have roles in the productions, working alongside you as part of the ensemble. We need actors with enough confidence, maturity and experience to trust, embrace and have fun with that. As for integrity—we look for people who do what they say they will do and who will give their very best to every task entrusted to them. We perform "without a net" and have no understudies. Therefore, it is imperative that if you give your word and contract to be with us, you’ll see that responsibility through to the end.



What is my compensation if hired?

All Teaching Artists get free local housing, discounts on food at area restaurants, a travel per diem and are paid a “lump sum” that is broken down into bi-monthly (i.e. “every 2 weeks”) payments. For Summer 2024 that is a lump sum of $800-$1400 total for the 4 week season. Rate of pay based upon experience. Also, there is the possibility of receiving an additional season-end bonus (dependent upon job performance and the theater having a fiscal surplus at season’s end.)

EMC? Union?
No. We are proudly a 100% non-Equity company and happy to offer the many, many excellent non-union artists out there a chance to showcase their myriad talents as well as a place to grow and flourish in their craft.


Free Housing Provided?
Yes-- Most housing is with local host families-organizations. Actors can expect to have (same sex) roommates. All residences have access to shared living, bath and kitchen facilities within the residence. We have a limited number of places within walk/bike distance (1.5-2 miles) of the theatre.

No. Since personnel are subcontractors, we do not offer health, workman’s comp or unemployment insurance. Upon hire, you will fill out IRS paperwork and you will be sent a 1099 at year-end. NOTE: NH has no employment taxes.


Not included. But we do traditionally get employee discounts of 25-50% at several Waterville Valley restaurants and shops. NOTE: NH has no sales tax.


Will I get (invaluable) Teaching Artist credentials?
Yes. Actors conduct workshops with kids ages 5-16 at our Youth Theater Day Camp. Also, the kids and the adult actors perform together in the final show of the season. ALL of our actors are expected to be positive role models and mentors to the young thespians among us all summer.

What will my hours be?
Varied and a little different every year! You will be given a detailed and comprehensive schedule upon arrival, which we go over in orientation. Typically, you will be doing something 6 days a week between the hours of 9am-9pm (generally there are no more than 8 hours of actual work in that time period). Because we are an outdoor theatre (and thus weather-dependent) we may need to shift around call times for various sessions “last minute” due to unforeseen weather-related issues. That is why the company needs to leave those hours open—although not all of them will be used for work hours. Generally, if the actors show up with their lines learned and character work done, we put about 4-6 hours total into rehearsing each 25 minute Sugar-Coated Shakespeare Matinee show and about 60 hours of rehearsal and dresses into each evening Main Stage show, spread out over the month you are in NH. When Creative Adventurer’s Club occurs (Aug 12-Aug 24) camp hours are generally 830-230 Mon-Sat, with evening rehearsals on non-show nights, and shows on Fri and Sat nights. Due to our alignment with Shakespeare's original Artist-Manager model, you will have crew responsibilities. Barring emergencies, actors get 1 guaranteed day off a week. A lot of how much time is needed to get the shows where they need to be lies in the variables of a) weather and b) how prepared the actors arrive (ie lines learned performance ready). During rehearsal blocks, we use best efforts to take 15-20 minute breaks every 2 hours and (minimum) 30 minute meal breaks (generally every 4-5 hours).

Can I have another job for the month I am in NH?
Unlike community theater, most professional residential summer stock repertory theater schedules preclude other employment while working for them. The schedule is so dense, intense and concentrated that 99.9% of the time the answer to this question is “No.” Additionally, because we are an outdoor summer stock theatre, for reasons we outlined elsewhere in this link, we are weather dependent, so we need actors to be available to work (sometimes with only an hour’s notice) between the hours of 9am-9pm. Occasionally we have made exceptions for a few zoom summer school classes and other remote work situations, but the success rate for those exceptions has been (mostly) low and we really do not allow for outside work or school.

What will my quality of life be like while there?
You get to live in a gorgeous summer resort area surrounded by biking, hiking, swimming, tennis and golf venues. We also have access to a free gym and work out equipment at The Snowy Owl Inn.

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