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I HATE HAMLET by Seth Rudnick

A hysterically funny modern-day farce that skewers and pokes satirical fun atwhether classical theater is relevant in modern day Hollywood. The play centersaround a young actor who has just earned fame and fortune on a television showand is apprehensive about returning to New York, where he has been forced to usehis new-found fame to play Hamlet in the prestigious Shakespeare in Central Parkfestival. His pushy realtor has rented him an apartment once inhabited by JohnBarrymore, whom many consider having played one of the greatest Hamlets inhistory. A sequence of plot devices brings the ghost of John Barrymore back to theapartment wherein the hard-drinking, womanizing, conceited old actor schools theyoung actor on playing the part—all to hilarious effect. Add to the mix a rich,Ophelia-obsessed actress girlfriend, a greedy NYC realtor, a self-absorbed vacuousHollywood producer and an aged agent with a romantic secret and this is a familyfriendly madcap romp for all ages.

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